Why Are There Price Differences Between Different Dental Practices?

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While you are doing your research and looking for a dentist, you must have come across different price points among different practices, and you must be thinking… Why are there price differences between dentists?

Hi, I’m Mary Wright, I’m the practice manager here at Plaza Dental. I often take phone calls from people inquiring about the cost of certain dental procedures and why our prices may differ from other practices. So I thought it would be useful to create this video and share with you a few reasons why there are price differences.

The cost of dental procedures and variances between them generally relates to three things.
How long it takes to do a procedure?
How new, modern and up-to-date the equipment that is used in the practice?
How well trained the team is that’s providing the dental care?

At Plaza Dental, we are always striving to provide outstanding care to all our patients. So that means that we invest constantly in modern technology, having the newest and most up-to-date technology. For example, we were the first practice in Mackay and one of the only practices in Mackay to offer same-day crowns utilising CEREC technology.

In addition, we invest a large amount of time and effort in making sure our team are well trained and fully up-to-date with all the latest techniques.

And finally, we take our time in performing your dental procedures. It is very easy to miss things if you are in a rush because you are pushed for time and you have to see a certain number of patients in a day to cover your costs.

For that reason, we make sure we take our time with everything that we do. This way, nothing is overlooked, our patients can relax and not feel rushed, and the best possible standard of care is provided for our patients.

So these are the three main reasons why there are differences when it comes to prices between dental practices. Once again, it comes down to the quality and how modern the equipment that the practice uses, how well the team members are trained in providing those procedures, And finally, how much time will be invested in your care.

Hopefully, this gives you more clarity while you are searching for the right dentist for you and your family. If you like the way we operate and are looking for a new home to care for you and your family’s dental health, we would love to see you here at Plaza Dental. Simply direct message us on social media, call us on 07 4942 3272, or go to our website at plazadental.com.au and fill in the enquiry form, and either myself or one of our friendly team members will help you arrange your appointment.


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