What Is a CEREC Crown and What Are the Benefits?

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Hi, I am Dr Phil Deane here from Plaza Dental in Mackay. I was with Jennifer, one of our long term patients from Glenella here this morning. She had come in with an emergency. She bit onto the seed of olive too hard and cracked one of her heavily filled teeth. A temporary repair was completed in about 10 minutes. She was stressed, not only because of her cracked tooth, but because she is busy and she does not want multiple visits to repair her tooth.

After examining her situation, I suggested a CEREC Crown, and we got her all fixed and going in a couple of hours when traditionally, it would have taken her multiple visits and several weeks to have this fixed.

So you might be wondering what is a CEREC crown and how is it different from another dental crown?

Well, a CEREC crown is made using the CEREC technology, which is based on a system of scanning three-dimensionally inside your mouth. The CEREC system was first developed in the 1980s as a collaboration between the German dental company Sirona and the University of Zurich in Switzerland. Since then, there has been constant evolution and refinement of the software and equipment so that now we can make crowns and other dental restorations of the highest quality for our patients within a few hours instead of days.

CEREC restorations are generally made using ceramic materials. The biggest difference between a CEREC crown and a conventionally made crown is that a CEREC crown can be made in a single appointment, meaning that you don’t have to worry about temporary crowns, about whether they’ll fall off while you’re out at work and things like that.

In addition, digital scanning means that we don’t have to take messy impressions of your teeth. Generally, CEREC crowns utilise ceramic materials. Modern ceramic materials, in many cases, make ideal materials for dental crowns and other restorations. Modern ceramics are able to be bonded to the tooth. In this way, they act a lot like a ceramic floor tile in that they are very hard, strong, but somewhat brittle material. But once they are bonded in place, they become extremely strong and extremely durable. Modern ceramics can be made to be near lifelike in appearance and provide the most aesthetically pleasing restorations for your teeth.

Finally, because modern ceramic materials are able to be bonded to the tooth, it means that we can be more conservative with the way they prepare teeth. We leave more of your healthy tooth behind after the preparation, which leads to increased strength, durability and hopefully longer lasting teeth for all of our patients.

So if you have a cracked tooth, and want to have minimal downtime to have this restored, we are one of the few dental practices here in Mackay with this technology, and we would love to look after you. Simply direct message us on social media, call us on 07 4942 3272, or go to our website on plazadental.com.au and fill in the enquiry form, and one of our friendly team members will help you arrange your appointment.


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