Swollen Gums: What Lies Beneath The Inflammation?

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Swollen Gums What Lies Beneath The Inflammation Mackay - Oralux Dental
More than 80% of chronic disease starts in the mouth.

Curiously – according to the American Psychological Association – 80% of Americans have suffered the physical and emotional symptoms of stress in the last year. And that’s an accurate reflection of global stress statistics for 2021: 83% of adults experienced emotional pressure that affected their daily lives. Extreme sadness was experienced by 28% of the world population where 23% of us were really quite angry.

What those feelings have to do with swollen gums is the resultant behaviour of emotional imbalance – being overwhelmed, lacking quality sleep and maintaining poor nutrition – give the perfect susceptibilities for a number of oral health issues.

Oral health and overall health go hand-in-hand. Of course they do; the mouth is the pie-hole and the porthole to the body. We process our world through it: what we eat, what we say, how we kiss.

Of any visible organ, our mouth says who we are.

Fight Club said it first, about the club. Las Vegas later grabbed it, adulterated it and promoted it for itself. Even two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Colson Whitehead stamped the phrase into The Noble Hustle: Poker, Beef Jerky and Death: what happens in Vegas might stay in Vegas – but what happens in the mouth doesn’t necessarily stay in the mouth.

At all, really.

Certainly not biologically. Or if the view is an holistic or a metaphysical one.

If that concept is a bit (woo-woo high) lowbrow and has your brain roll its eyes and snort a bit, try bringing quantum physics into that view.

Everything consists of waves and particles the basic principle of quantum physics. Quantum is the dual nature of electrons, having the properties of both a wave and a solid particle. Light is dual in nature. It disseminates in space like a wave, while reaching an infinite point where behaves like a particle. A photon is an elementary light particle, consisting of an energy particle, and a quantum – and that forms electromagnetic radiation.

There is no longer any doubt of the positive effect of electromagnetic radiation on the human body.

What an electromagnetic field does when it makes contact with a living organism is affect the molecules and cells, and through these biological chain reactions, achieves a state of balance.

In quantum dentistry, the diagnosis of a disease is based on the principle of recording changes in energy parameters of the human body, thus treatment must be carried out by balancing these parameters in relation to the normal range using electromagnetic radiation. Currently in its initial stages of development, quantum dentistry will change the way of treatments as radically as the science itself.

See? It’s not such a stretch to consider a different perspective on dentistry. Holistic dentistry does. TCM does. Ayurvedic medicine does.

And there is Amaroli, or Shivambu Kalpa as a yogic method to regain and maintain perfect health.

It is an ancient practice of not only the yogis of India but many other spiritual practitioners across the globe. Also known as urotherapy or urine-therapy, your own urine is used as a regenerator.

Before you think someone’s urinating in your pocket, researchers at Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM) identified stem cells that can be directed to become multiple cell types, in urine. In the journal Stem Cells, the team reported the successful direction of stem cells from urine to become bladder-type cells – smooth muscle, and urothelial, the cells that line the bladder. These urine-derived cells are also able form bone, skeletal muscle, cartilage, fat, nerve, and endothelial cells, which line blood vessels.

The current research builds on earlier studies that began in 2006 and confirms the multipotency of these cells.

In addition, the research found that unlike iPS cells or embryonic stem cells, urine derived-stem cells don’t form tumours in the body when implanted.

Many favour uropathy as a treatment because of its composition of water, enzymes, hormones and trace elements that can be completely absorbed. As it also contains inactive invaders of the body, it strengthens the autoimmune system.

Add to that convenience, availability and no cost.

Infections that exist under the teeth are often undetectable by x-ray and particularly if there has been root canal therapy. Commonly, you may not know you have a dental infection, and these microbial infections can include anything from gingivitis to heavy metal toxicity. Toxic bacteria of mouth, whether a microbiome imbalance or infection of a tooth or gums, depresses normal immunity function and leads to disease.

Swollen Gums What Lies Beneath The Inflammation Mackay - Oralux Dental
Everything in the body interreacts. Dental plaque bacteria may trigger endocarditis.

The bacteria Fusobacterium nucleatum (F. nucleatum) flourishes in periodontal disease. It has an influence on the jawbone and gums, and untreated, results in tooth loss. Recent studies connect F. nucleatum has to a variety of disorders, including colorectal cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease.

2022 research shows that F. nucleatum results in an abnormal proliferation of microglial cells. These are immune cells in the brain that help maintain the overall health of the central nervous system by removing damaged neurons and infections. Over-supply of microglial cells creates an inflammatory response, and this chronic inflammation disrupts brain rhythm and function.

The metaphysics of chronic dental problems considers the probability of unresolved emotional issues occuring and reoccuring over many lifetimes.

For some, maybe they’ve had swollen gums in every incantation.

Louise L. Hay proffers that this is deep-seated grief over insufficient nurturing. As to receding gums, it’s frustration and anger at how life is going.

Followers of Hay’s emotional map point to gums representing foundation (of our teeth). Therefore they are the basis of confidence and self-assurance.

Bleeding gums, according to Hay, are the unresolved anger and resentment (inflammation) of unjust treatment. The draining of vitality because of the demands of others and the loss of self-.

As issues with the gums can lead to problems with the teeth and vice versa, Louise L. Hay’s narrative collectively connects teeth to assiduous indecisiveness because of a lack of capacity to analyse ideas to a confident conclusion.

And apparently more-so with root canal treatment.

Two decades ago French dentist Dr Michèle Caffin, published Quand les dents se mettent à parler (When the teeth talk). It was a book on a topic that was (then) rarely discussed in dental journals: how emotional and health status is reflected in tooth position and damage to individual teeth.

Caffin found that the quadrants of the mouth were clearly connected to specific emotional sensations. The lower right quadrant is about commitment issues; upper right, is difficulty finding a place in the world.

Upper left is unfulfillment of desires; gnashing right down on the lack of emotional recognition in the family of the lower left quadrant.
With body, mind and soul the making of a human being, it’s not unreasonable to consider the metaphysics and the esoterics involved in our vitality and ultra-individuality. Ourselves, on a cellular level. How we can know things that technically we shouldn’t. Consume the same foods as others with differing results. Read the very same book and follow a different story. All see the same thing, and process it in a way that keeps YouTube, insta and TikTok ticking over ad infinitum.

Optimal oral health is nature and nurture, ancestry and environment, systemic oppression and free will, unconscious emotions, conscious expression and not upgrading in a degraded food system.

Whatever it takes to protect your teeth and gums from the vulnerabilities of disease is worth doing. Because it’s more than the physical manifestation. It’s the whole of your health life.


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