Tooth Sensitivity: Just Needs Sensitive Toothpaste, Or Symptom of Bigger Problems?

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Tooth Sensitivity: Just Needs Sensitive Toothpaste, Or Symptom Of Bigger Problems In Mackay At Plaza Dental
‘Sensitivity’ is the new buzzword in dentistry. Dentists are more sensitive than ever before to the needs of their patients. Sensitive teeth are being catered to by a growing plethora of appropriate pastes and treatments in the dental sphere. Tooth sensitivity: does it just need sensitive toothpaste, or is it a symptom of bigger problems? My dear old dad used to say, “ubi fumus, ibi ignis” or “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” In this instance all that sensitivity must, therefore, be caused by something.

Teeth don’t get prone to sensitivity for no reason at all, in my experience.

“Tooth sensitivity will often feel like a short, sharp pain. The pain occurs when the tooth is exposed to a stimulus. The pain will usually go away once the stimulus is removed. Examples of a stimulus that can cause pain in sensitive teeth include: hot foods or drinks, cold foods or drinks, cool air, or gentle touch, for example from a toothbrush. Pain or discomfort that is still present after the stimulus has been removed may be a sign of tooth decay. It is important to see a dentist to find out the cause of the tooth sensitivity. Sensitivity can occur in only one or two teeth, or it can affect multiple teeth.”

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?

The sensations you are experiencing via your sensitive teeth can be the result of several things. In response to hot or cold drinks or foods it is the nerve in your tooth which is reacting in this way. The nerve within the tooth pulp inside of the tooth is triggered via exposure to substances with these extreme temperatures. This means that a crack or hole in your tooth has caused the pulp to become inflamed or the reaction has come about from dentine hypersensitivity. This condition is most commonly due to exposed dentine, which is the material under the enamel of the tooth. Recession of the gum may be the culprit in some cases.

Brushing Too Hard & Teeth Sensitivity

If you are someone who goes too hard at things in life, perhaps you are prone to brute forcing stuff? Then, if you brush your teeth like a cleaner of rugs on steroids or a Rafael Nadal backhand you may be the source of your own problems in this regard. Abrasion of tooth enamel can occur from brushing too hard and recession of the gums eventuates. They call this uber, OTT brushing mechanical damage and it causes trauma within your oral cavity. This is why a soft toothbrush is always best, even for big blokes with muscles. Size and force does not achieve the desired outcome, rather, like most things in life, good technique is the key.

Too Much Tooth Whitening Can Cruel The Whole Deal

Who would have thought our current predilection for very white teeth could be the root cause of a dental problem. Abrasive speciality whitening toothpastes can be the culprit when it comes to damaging tooth enamel. The irony here is that the white parts of teeth are the enamel and if you brush it away with abrasive whitening pastes your teeth will appear darker and more yellow. You can end up with very sensitive and definitely not Hollywood looking teeth. It is best to consult your dentist about such things before you go hell for leather with abrasive bristles and toothpastes. Expertise and good technique will serve you better than brute force in this instance.

Acid Eats Tooth Enamel

Soft drinks and sugary foods can contribute to acid-wear eating the enamel from your teeth. Alcohol and smoking are, also, big contributors to this problem. Fruit juices, especially citrus, can be part of this acid-wear as well. Moderation in the consumption of all things is a wise policy, especially when it comes to the care and maintenance of your teeth and gums. These things must last you a lifetime, so, they are well worth looking after at all times. If you are prone to getting heartburn or gastric oesophageal reflux, then, this produces acid which can damage your tooth enamel. Asthmatics using inhaler medication can, also, be subject to this issue if they are not careful about how they use their inhaler. Talk to your local favourite Mackay dentist (that’s us hopefully) about medications which can damage teeth and what you can do to minimise such things safely in accordance with best medical advice.

Tooth Sensitivity: Just Needs Sensitive Toothpaste, Or Symptom Of Bigger Problems In Mackay In Plaza Dental
Stress Can Cause Tooth Sensitivity Too

If you are a clencher and a grinder with your teeth in your sleep, then, this wears down the enamel too. Stress can be the culprit for this unconscious behaviour in many instances. Some of us clench and grind during the day as well in response to a variety of stimuli. Abfraction or chipping at the neck of the tooth can result from this behaviour. Worn enamel from bruxism is a common occurrence for dentists to observe in their clients.

What To Do About Tooth Sensitivity & The Behaviours That Cause It?

Managing the symptoms of pain from tooth sensitivity can be aided by the use of sensitive toothpastes. These formulas are designed to help desensitise the tooth via their ingredients. Potassium Nitrate and the microscopic silica particles are effective in blocking the open tubules and desensitising teeth. These toothpastes are designed for prolonged usage by clients to help manage tooth sensitivity. Go and see your dentist to discuss the causes of your tooth sensitivity and together you can develop a strategy for combatting the condition. Changing your diet and lifestyle may be the most effective path you can follow in this regard. Drinking more pure water, less soft drink, juice, and alcoholic drinks and regularly taking care of your oral hygiene will improve things. You may require dental work on cavities and cracks. Re-evaluating your tooth brushing technique with a soft bristled brush is well worth the effort and application in regard to tooth sensitivity issues.

“Limit the amount of sugary or acidic drinks you consume, and do not brush your teeth straight after. Try to wait at least 60 minutes before brushing. Brushing too soon can lead to increased tooth wear.”
– (Australian Dental Association)

Our teeth and gums are subject to our lifestyles and diet, our overall health and wellbeing. The symptoms of sensitive teeth are, often, telling us something about our lives and general health. If we listen to the messages our bodies are telling us we can take the necessary steps to improve things. Take the time and make the investment to consult your dentist for best results in dealing with tooth sensitivity.


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