Sandra’s Smile Makeover in Mackay

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Sandra’s Smile Makeover in Mackay

We would like to share with you one of our patient’s smile makeovers in Mackay.

Sandra, a vibrant woman from North Mackay, wanted to have straight teeth ever since she was young. She’s 47 years old but wanted to see if it was still possible to fix her crooked teeth.

She’s currently working in Bunnings and wanted to feel confident talking to other people. She wanted to do something about it and asked a friend who happened to be working in Plaza Dental. So her friend referred us to her and, knowing that her friend could be trusted, she knew she could trust Dr Martin Cahill too.

For her smile makeover, we created space by removing a tooth on one side. We chose a tooth that was heavily restored in the past and had questionable long term survival. Then we had her undergo Invisalign treatment to straighten her teeth.

What Were The Issues With Her Existing Teeth?

  • Crooked front teeth

What We Did for Her Smile Makeover 

The Result

After monthly visits over 18 months, Sandra finally achieved the smile she has always dreamed of – straight and bright teeth! She now feels very confident when smiling, which showed in her photos.

We could have further improved Sandra’s smile with tooth-coloured composite resin build-ups to some of the front teeth, which were unevenly worn, but she was happy with the result we achieved and didn’t wish for any further work at that stage.

Finally, small spaces were left between some of the back teeth; however, as these are not visible when she smiles, she was not concerned.

Are you looking for a passionate and highly skilled dentist in Mackay to help restore and realign your smile, bring back your confidence, and put you at ease throughout the entire process? Give us a call at 07 4942 3272 or fill in the enquiry form below.

Disclaimer: The material posted is for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Results vary with each patient. Any dental procedure carries risks and benefits. If you have any specific questions about any dental and/or medical matter, you should consult your dentist, physician or other professional healthcare providers.


Services We Performed For Sandra :

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