Erik’s Smile Makeover in Mackay

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Erik’s Smile Makeover in Mackay

We would like to share with you one of our patient’s smile makeovers in Mackay.

Erik is a good-looking, intelligent doctor from Mackay Harbour. As a doctor, he was concerned about his appearance, as he interacts with many people in a day. He was concerned about the wear of his teeth. His teeth started to look short and flat.

He felt self-conscious whenever he talked or smiled, so he searched online for the possible cause and treatment needed to fix it. As an existing patient of the practice, he knew that the best person to perform the procedure in Mackay was Dr Cahill.

He was looking for a result which could protect his teeth from wear and improve their appearance. He wanted to protect the teeth and as such wanted a solution which would be as conservative as possible. Finally, due to his busy job, he wanted the process to be done in a minimum number of appointments.

For his smile makeover, we limited the appointments to five. During his initial appointment, we took records, discussed his options, and helped him understand the goals of the treatment. At the second appointment, we discussed the treatment plan and presented a diagnostic mockup of what the outcome was likely to look like. We needed to set a new bite because his flat teeth altered his bite. So on the third appointment, we installed CEREC Crowns and CEREC Veneers for his upper teeth and his lower teeth on the fourth appointment. Then on the fifth appointment, we reviewed the results and made minor adjustments.

What Were The Issues With His Existing Teeth?

  • Flat, worn down teeth
  • Uneven shape, size, and colour of teeth

What We Did for His Smile Makeover

The Result

After five visits in one week, Erik was so pleased with the results. He was able to see the smile he has always wanted. His teeth now look more harmonious with even shapes, sizes, and colours.

Using digital scanning and photos, we were able to produce a template for what the final result would look like. Using CEREC technology, we were able to do all the upper and lower teeth in two appointments over a single week. This allowed all the treatments to be done quickly and efficiently – fulfilling his request.

He now feels more confident talking and smiling to his patients in the clinic.

Are you looking for a passionate and highly skilled dentist in Mackay to help restore and realign your smile, bring back your confidence, and put you at ease throughout the entire process? Give us a call at 07 4942 3272 or fill in the enquiry form below.

Disclaimer: The material posted is for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Results vary with each patient. Any dental procedure carries risks and benefits. If you have any specific questions about any dental and/or medical matter, you should consult your dentist, physician or other professional healthcare providers.


Services We Performed For Erik :

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