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Cost of Orthodontic Treatment  - Mackay - Plaza Dental

This is one of the most common questions we had asked, how much will it cost to straighten my teeth.

Unfortunately the answer is that it depends, however I will try to give some guidelines to give people an idea of how much orthodontic treatment costs.

At Plaza Dental Mackay, we offer clear aligner treatment, this includes brands such as Invisalign, Sure-Smile and Clear-Correct. Which points to which option we choose depends on which one the dentist feels will be most suitable for you.

We do not provide conventional braces. For those people who will be best served with conventional braces for those with complex issues, we will provide you with a referral to a specialist orthodontist.

The cost of orthodontic treatment depends on the complexity of the malocclusion i.e. how much the teeth need to be moved to be in the correct position. This is because the greater the tooth movements required, the longer the treatment process, and the more monitoring required to ensure a good result.

The majority of patients we see at Plaza Dental for clear aligner therapy, the cost will be between $6500 and $8000. This covers patient’s whose orthodontic treatment is likely to take in the range of 1 to 2 years.

For patients with more complex problems such as large jaw size differences, excessive crowding and impacted teeth, it is most likely we will refer you to a specialist orthodontist to manage these problems.

The other group of patients is patients with mild crowding or who have had orthodontic treatment in the past, and suffered from relapse because of not wearing retainers, where the teeth have started to move back. For these patients because the treatment time is likely to be shorter, and issues are less likely to crop up along the way the cost of treatment is lower and can range between $4000 and $6000.

If you would like a complimentary consultation to see whether clear aligner treatment would be suitable for you, and to get a more accurate assessment of what your investments are, please phone our friendly reception team on 07 4942 3272 to arrange this complimentary consultation.


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