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What Is the Cost of Dental Crown - Mackay - Plaza Dental

Dental crowns are often recommended for people who have one or more of the following issues with a tooth.


Heavily filled


Cracks in the tooth


Back tooth which has had a root canal


Badly discoloured




Severe Wear

Crowns are made outside of the mouth and then cemented or bonded onto the tooth to cover it and protect it from further damage. The most common material for dental crowns now are tooth coloured ceramics.

In the past, gold alloys were commonly used, but with modern ceramics now means we can get as good or better longevity while making something that will blend with the rest of the teeth.

At Plaza Dental here in Mackay, we have invested heavily in the most advanced CEREC technology. This allows us to make the vast majority of our crowns in 1 single appointment, saving our patients time, so they can get on with their day.

There are 3 main Ceramics we use at Plaza Dental depending on the indications



Zirconia is used when the maximum strength is required. It is a tooth coloured ceramic material which is not quite as lifelike as some others. It is used primarily in molar teeth where strength is prioritised.


E-max is a glass based ceramic which provides a great combination of aesthetics and strength. It is our most commonly used ceramic as it makes beautiful lifelike crowns which are extremely durable, except in the highest stress situations.


Enamic is our budget crown option. It is neither as strong as the others, nor can it give the aesthetic result of E-max. It is however reasonably strong and durable, especially in positions that are not under especially heavy loads.
Zirconia and E-max crowns are more expensive than Enamic crowns as they require post processing. For all crown procedures, the first steps are the same. The tooth is anaesthetized, old fillings and decay are removed, cracks to chase down and all the surfaces of the tooth are smooth over to provide a stable bonding platform.

The teeth are then scanned using a 3D CEREC scanner, the crowns are designed and are milled from our high-tech milling machines. The Enamic crown then just needs to be polished and cleaned and is ready to be cemented. For the E-Max and Zirconia crowns, in addition to polishing and cleaning, they are glazed and fired in a ceramic furnace to reach full strength. This extra stage is what gives them their additional strength.

Zirconia and e-max crowns cost just under $1800, while Enamic crowns cost just under $1200. These fees reflect the relative times required to make each type of crown.

Which type of crown is best for you depends on the exact situation and may change from tooth to tooth within the same mouth.

If you want to find out which crown is best for you, and to see how our CEREC technology works, please call our reception team on 07 4942 3272 to organise a consultation.


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