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How can dental veneers fix my teeth, or should I get veneers, are very common questions we get asked here at Plaza Dental Mackay. Dental veneers can be a great option to enhance people’s smiles in many situations. It is however not a magic bullet which will solve everyone’s concerns.

So, who should get veneers and what kind of situations can benefit from dental veneers?

Teeth which are discoloured or have a number of old and discoloured fillings will generally look much better after dental veneers.
If you have slight crowding or rotations of your teeth, dental veneers can provide an alternative to orthodontic treatment to give you a fabulous smile in a much shorter time frame. However teeth which are quite severely misaligned are often not suitable for veneers, because they would require too much preparation and the teeth could become too heavily damaged.

Small teeth:

This may be because you had naturally small teeth, or it may be because you have had wear to your teeth over the years. In situations like this, dental veneers will give you a much fuller and more beautiful smile.
Teeth that sit slightly back. Again in this situation veneers will give you a much fuller and more beautiful smile.
So what kind of situations would not benefit from dental veneers?

Severely crowded teeth:

In cases like this, orthodontic treatment is needed to improve the position of the teeth. Often in cases like this, especially if the teeth have been crooked for a long time, veneers may be needed after the orthodontic treatment to get the best possible result.

This is because the teeth will have worn at different rates and in different ways depending on where they sit in your bite. This means even after everything is lined up perfectly, additional treatment like veneers may be required to give you a perfect smile.


Heavily worn teeth:

If the wear on your teeth is too great then the veneers will not be strong enough because there is not enough tooth left to support them. In cases like this crowns are required.

Extremely dark teeth:

Veneers are minimally invasive technique and as such may not be thick enough to completely mask out a really badly discoloured tooth

Large or prominent teeth:

Because veneers are a minimally invasive procedure which generally involve adding some additional structure to your existing teeth, if you have already large or prominent teeth then veneers will make that situation worse. In cases like this orthodontic treatment generally provides the best outcome.

As you can see it can be a complex process to assess whether or not veneers are suitable, and in some cases, a combination treatment involving some veneers and some crowns, or a short course of orthodontic treatment before veneers may provide the best possible result.

If you would like to see whether or not veneers or some other option will help you achieve your best smile, please call our reception team on 07 4942 3272 and they will organise an appointment for you to see one of our dentists, and help you achieve the smile of your dream.


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