Should I Go To The Dentist When I’m Pregnant?

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Should I Go To The Dentist When I Am Pregnant - Mackay - Plaza Dental

Congratulations! You are expecting! Oral health is critical during the next 9 months to ensure both yourself and your baby are at optimum health.

For those of you who would like to understand more, here are a number of reasons why you should go to the dentist when you are pregnant.


There is nothing that happens during a dental examination that is likely to harm either you or your baby. The idea of “But I do not have any sore teeth”, surely is safe to leave it until after I have the baby?

It is commonly asked questions. Just because you do not feel pain does not mean there is not a problem. Teeth are not always the most reliable when it comes to telling us that there is something wrong, and often a problem can be present for quite some time until there is any pain. A thorough dental examination may well find problems earlier so that they can be treated more conservatively.


Untreated dental problems can potentially lead to infections and other issues, which are more likely to cause serious problems for yourself and your baby. Dentists have been treating pregnant women for many years now and safe techniques have been worked out for a wide range of procedures.

We know what anaesthetics are safe to use, we know what materials are safe to use, and we know when the best time to treat you is, and we even know how to take x-rays in such a way as to protect you and your baby.

A number of common side effects from pregnancy can cause damage to your teeth. Morning sickness and reflux can lead to large amounts of acid coming into contact with your teeth on a regular basis. This can strip the surface enamel from your teeth, and once that enamel is gone we do not grow any more to replace it. Your dentist can help you with strategies to minimise effects such as this.

Hormonal changes can mean your gums can become much more easily inflamed and a proper dental cleaning can remove the build up that is causing this inflammation making you much more comfortable.


This is a great time to talk to the dentist about strategies for caring for your baby’s teeth. It is much easier to have these conversations before the baby is born as once the baby is born your available time is usually dramatically reduced. So especially if it is your first baby this can be a great time to talk to the dentist and find out things like how to clean your baby’s teeth, when you can expect your baby to get their first teeth, what kind of foods and drinks are likely to cause problems for your baby’s teeth.

In summary, whether or not you are aware of any problems it is important to continue your regular dental care throughout pregnancy, and if for whatever reason you have left those regular visits lapse, there is no reason to wait until after the baby is born and plenty of reasons to start before the baby is born. So if you are due for a dental visit, please call our reception team on 07 4942 3272 to make an appointment to see one of our dentists, we would love to take care of you and your family.


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