How to Fix Discoloured Teeth

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How to Fix Discoloured Teeth

For many people, the issue of how to fix discoloured teeth is central to how they feel about their smile. This is remedied with general tooth whitening, which will address a general yellowing of their teeth, or by concentrating on whitening a tooth that’s darker than the others. It’s not 100 per cent successful but it’s generally not invasive and it’s a good place to start. If it’s successful, you don’t need to have other more complicated or expensive treatments.

For people with mottled teeth, some discolouration can remain after we’ve done the bleaching. By just infiltrating a resin into those teeth, we can really bring up that colour and make it even. In really extreme cases, sometimes you have to look at veneers to cover over the surface to hide very severe discolourations.

With a dead tooth, it is possible to whiten it from inside. We simply put the bleaching gel inside the tooth and, over about a two-week period, you can get quite a dramatic improvement in the colour of the tooth.

Fixing the Shape of Your Teeth

With tooth shape, it probably depends on how drastic the issue is, and the number of teeth involved. For something simple like pointy eye teeth, we can just round off the corners. We could then move up to small additions of a filling material to improve the shape and the balance of teeth, so they’ll blend across each other more evenly. If you’ve got teeth that are particularly small or worn, then you might need to look at getting a crown to achieve the result you want. The place to start with crooked teeth is either Invisalign or conventional orthodontics because if you get the teeth in the right position, you will generally improve the overall appearance.

With adults whose teeth have been in the wrong position for a long time, there may be uneven wear. In these cases, you may need to do some extra work after you’ve put everything in the right position, with veneers or little additions just to tidy everything up at the end. But generally, if you get everything in the right position to start, it always looks better.

Finance Options

With procedures that take a longer time, such as Invisalign, we do offer finance where people can pay for things over a period to help spread out that cost.

We’re always conservative when it comes to cosmetic treatments on patients’ teeth. Even with implants today, there’s still nothing we can put in that’s as good as the teeth you were born with. We do what we can to preserve everything. The starting place should always be to consider how we can look after what you’ve got.


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