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ADA Congress

I have just got home after nearly a week in Melbourne. Not too much sightseeing as I had work-related stuff all week. I Got in a bike ride up to the Yarra Valley, and had some lovely food, but no time for much else. The first 2 days were spent at the big trade show at the ADA Dental Congress. There were some really interesting displays. It showed that we are ahead of the curve with our uptake of new technologies especially regarding digital scanning and milling for crowns with our new Cerec Omnicam. I caught up with Phil and Monika at congress, but Monika and I were mostly there for our hands-on Composite Resin course with Drs’ Jordi Manauta and Anna Salat.

Trained in Barcelona and now based in Italy they wrote a fantastic textbook in Composite Resin fillings, Buildups and Veneers. As nearly every filling we do at the practice is Composite Resin, this was a fantastic opportunity for Monika and I to learn from two of the best in this area. Four days on fillings may seem like overkill, but at the end when we all left there was so much more stuff we could have done in more detail.

Molar Composite Filling (Click on Photos to show full size)

We will be able to use almost everything we were taught straight away when we are back at work next week. Again it was good to see that we were doing many things right, but it is that extra 5-10% improvement to get the most beautiful and long lasting fillings. Monika and I also found the discussion on when to do direct composite fillings, and when should you move to onlays and crowns made out of the mouth because of the amount of decayed or broken tooth incredibly helpful. Large fillings can be very difficult to place well and while cheaper in the short run often lead to more damage in the long run.

Onlays and Crowns made out of the Mouth

Composite Fillings and Veneer on Front Teeth

It was great to spending time with other dentists who had come from all around Australia, and even New Zealand to learn. Dentistry can sometimes be a little isolating. You spend so much of your time in your time in a room by yourself peering at teeth, so it was really interesting talking to other people who share the same passion to provide the best care for their patients.

Monika Hard at Work

Finally, thank-you to Jordi and Anna for giving up their time and travelling half way around the world to help us become better. They were long days with some going from 8:30am until 6pm, but the amount and quality of the information made it worthwhile. Thanks to Emmanuel Recupero and the Team at Dental Ed for putting on the course and the team at Dental Solutions for hosting us.


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