Does Invisalign Work?

So does Invisalign work? The short answer is, ‘Yes’. Beautifully. There is a dramatic improvement in a patient’s smile when comparing the look before and after Invisalign.

Smile Before Treatment
Smile After 14 Months Invisalign Treatment

However, while Invisalign is suitable for a majority of orthodontic procedures where the teeth need to be moved, there are some conditions where conventional braces are more efficient. If there is a large discrepancy in the size of the jaws or if an individual tooth needs to be moved a long way, then conventional braces are a preferred option. That’s not to say that it couldn’t be done with Invisalign, but it’s a lot more complex and time consuming.

Is Invisalign for you?

Invisalign works extremely well with the right type of person. It’s a removable appliance that fits over the teeth. The patient must be committed to the treatment because, obviously, if you don’t wear it, it won’t work.

Invisalign must be worn at least 22 hours a day and generally only be removed when eating. If the patient starts making excuses not to wear the appliance then there’s a definite negative impact on the results.

Sometimes, Invisalign is not the best choice for children. Often Mum and Dad are committed to getting their child’s teeth straightened but the kid isn’t that interested. If the child is fitted with braces then the result is guaranteed. If the Invisalign appliance is lost or not worn due to any of a dozen other excuses, then it simply won’t work out.

At the same time, I’ve seen excellent results when Invisalign is used with motivated kids, particularly teenagers.


The big advantage of Invisalign is the fact that it doesn’t look like you’re wearing braces. There is still some negative connotations with wire braces so the invisible quality of Invisalign is a big plus to appearance-conscious teenagers and adults.

The second advantage of Invisalign is that they make it easy to eat and the cleaning process is simple. Conventional braces invariably end up with food caught in the appliance. This can cause a build-up of plaque as they can be very difficult to clean.

With Invisalign, you take out the appliance to eat. You can eat whatever you like and clean your teeth normally. There is no change to the patient’s eating or cleaning habits. To clean the appliance, the patient simply uses a toothbrush and toothpaste. It’s so easy—just clean the appliance at the same time you clean your teeth.

The amount of time that Invisalign and braces are worn is very similar now. There are some conditions where braces are quicker and there are some conditions where Invisalign is quicker—but across the board it’s generally about the same. Invisalign improved their material about five years ago and that brought down treatment times considerably for a lot of patients.

The invisible solution

Invisalign aligners are generally unable to be seen.

Invisalign is a fantastic system that achieves consistent results. The appliances are easy to wear, easy to clean and virtually invisible to the casual observer. Unfortunately, there’s still a bit of a social stigma around adults wearing braces. Invisalign eliminates a lot of that stigma because, unless someone is right inside your personal space, the appliance generally can’t be seen at all.

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