Ashamed of Your Smile

Are You Ashamed of Your Smile?

There are three broad groups of issues that can cause you to feel ashamed about your teeth. Patients are usually worried about either the colour of their teeth, the shape of their teeth, or the position of their teeth—or all three, in some cases.

People might feel their teeth are too yellow. And the good news is that general discoloration can be easy to fix—something as simple as tooth whitening can make those teeth brighter. It’s a very simple process. Sometimes patients have a tooth that has died and is discoloured. Others have little spots of discoloration or mottling across multiple teeth or on one or two teeth. These are the main colour concerns people have.

When it comes to shape, sometimes people have one or two teeth that are irregularly shaped. Some people have, for example, very pointy eye teeth that they don’t like. They may have very long or short teeth, or their teeth might be heavily worn, making them look really short.

The position of the teeth is an issue where the mouth is either crowded, or there are gaps between teeth. The other thing that probably fits into this category is people with a very gummy smile. When they smile, you see a lot of their top gums.

Should I Go to a Dentist- Will It Help My Smile?

Most conditions can be fixed but it really depends on what a person is prepared to commit to for the results they want. Some things are very straightforward to fix, and others a lot more complicated. A complicated issue can be time-consuming, expensive and, in some cases, potentially quite damaging to the overall health of the teeth to get some aesthetic or cosmetic result.

Avoidance of the dentist can also cause a lot of the problems related to people feeling ashamed of their smile. It’s important to remember that your dentist has seen everything. We’ve seen it all before, and we’re here to help.

One of the most rewarding things about our profession is when someone who has let things go and is embarrassed by their teeth allows  us to help them recover so they can chew comfortably, smile happily, and no longer feel embarrassed by the way they look because of their teeth. No more walking around with their hand over their mouth or refusing to smile.

Removing Build Up

Something as simple as having a decade’s worth of tartar build-up removed can really improve someone’s life. If you’ve got a whole lot of tartar on your teeth, then commonly you’ll have bad breath because of the bacterial build-up around that tartar. Resolving these things can really help how you feel, and confidence is so important.

If you have concerns about the appearance of your teeth it is likely that there is something we can do to make you more comfortable with your smile.


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